ENJOY 音樂匯洽談桌

音樂匯公共系列,靈感來自五線譜上。每一個組成的原件,都像一個個音符,交織成一篇美妙的樂章,承載著分享、放松、互動、解壓的功能。Music public series, inspired by the five - line spectrum. Each component of the original, like a note, interweave into a wonderful movement, bearing the sharing, relaxation, interaction, decompression function.

ENJOY 音樂匯洽談桌

花朵茶幾  φ500*435;φ300*520
圓形茶幾  φ500*435;φ300*520
扇形茶幾  φ500*435;φ300*520

花朵茶幾造型 點綴公共空間

茶幾采用精巧花朵造型,配合更加小巧的圓形茶幾,高低錯落,仿佛在空間里盛開的花叢,讓人心情愉悅。Tea table USES choiceness flower modelling, cooperate more compact circular tea table, high and low strewn at random, as if in the space blooming flower cluster, let a person mood be cheerful.

ENJOY 音樂匯洽談桌

公共組合沙發采用了高低兩種靠背配置,可以滿足開放空間對開放性和半私密性的功能需求,搭配精致靈巧的茶幾組合,讓整個公共空間充滿靈動的感覺。Public combination sofa USES two kinds of back of a chair configuration, can satisfy the open space of openness and half illicit close sex of the functional requirements, the tea table of exquisitely deft combination collocation, let the feeling of a public space is full of clever.

ENJOY 音樂匯洽談桌
輕巧別致的設計 樂趣辦公的精髓

高低錯落,臺面形狀多變,半球形底座,輕巧靈活,可組合搭配,方便移動,對空間氛圍的營造起到畫龍點睛的作用。 High and low stagger, mesa shape is changeful, hemispherical base, light and flexible, can combine collocation, convenient move, to the construction of space atmosphere has the effect of making the finishing point.

ENJOY 音樂匯洽談桌

因其小巧別致的造型,非常適宜于搭配半圍合的矮背/高背沙發,空間層次感分明,打造完美洽談區域。Because of its small and chic modelling, it is very appropriate to match the low back/high back sofa of half coaming, dimensional administrative levels sense is distinct, make perfect negotiation area.

ENJOY 音樂匯洽談桌
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