UN 優耐會議桌

UN優耐系列,經典回字型鋼腳,簡約實用,高性價比的爆款系列產品之一,現代辦公空間的標配產品。靈活多樣,個性DIY定制程度高。UN Series,Classic back - shaped steel foot, simple and practical, Hot style series products with high cost performance.Standard products for modern office space.Flexible and diversified, with high degree of DIY customization.

UN 優耐會議桌


經典回字型鋼腳 廣交會獲獎產品

優耐UN系列為廣交會設計獎獲獎產品,其經典皮紋回字型鋼腳搭配暖白/木紋色的板式桌面,是現代、簡約、實用、高性價比辦公空間的完美詮釋。UN series for Canton fair design award winning products, its classical dermatoglyph steel foot back word collocation warm white/wood grain color plate desktop, is a modern, simple, practical, cost-effective perfect interpretation of office space.

UN 優耐會議桌
優耐會議系統 詮釋實用主義

優耐系列產品是現代實用主義的完美詮釋,整個系列產品沒有過多的修飾,所有部件皆為實用所設計,讓產品性價比高。UN series products are the perfect interpretation of modern pragmatism. The whole series of products do not have too much decoration, and all parts are designed for use, making the products cost-effective.

UN 優耐會議桌
嵌入式電源設備 會議便捷又高效

優耐系列擁有成熟的電源線管理系統,會議桌在中間黑色皮紋條處采用嵌入式電源插板,讓會議更便捷、更高效。UN series has a mature power line management system, and the embedded power plug board is adopted in the middle black leather stripe of the conference table, which makes the meeting more convenient and efficient.

UN 優耐會議桌
豐富產品線 空間和諧統一

優耐系列產品線完整,包含班臺、洽談桌、職員位、會議桌、沙發、文件柜等。按產品系列搭配空間,讓空間更加和諧統一。UN series product line is complete, including desk, negotiation table, staff seat, conference table, sofa, filing cabinet, etc. Match the space according to the product series, make the space more harmonious and unified.

UN 優耐會議桌
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