COSTAN 君仕文件柜

文件柜的存儲功能非常豐富,集各種開啟方式于一體,充分利用各個部位的空間。The storage function of the file cabinet is very rich. It integrates various opening modes and makes full use of the space of various parts.

COSTAN 君仕文件柜

The art of display and acceptance of eclecticism.
The storage function of the file cabinet is very rich. It integrates various opening modes and makes full use of the space of various parts.

陳列與收納 兼收并蓄的藝術

文件柜線條上追求現代主義的極簡線條,嚴謹大方、干凈利落,輪廓分明。合理的規劃開放空間和封閉空間,讓展示功能和私密存儲都得以滿足。The minimalist line that pursues modernism on the file cabinet line, rigorous and generous, clean and neat, the outline is clear. Reasonable planning of open space and closed space, so that the display function and private storage can be satisfied.

COSTAN 君仕文件柜
辦公空間的整潔 80%依賴收納功能的完善

文件柜的存儲功能非常豐富,頂部有上翻門,底部有下翻門,中間有移門,還有頂天立地的雙開門,集各種開啟方式于一體,充分利用各個部位的空間。雙開門內設置了掛衣服的空間。移門在不同的位置賦予整個柜子不同的感覺。Filing cabinets storage capability is very rich, with double door on the top, bottom of the door, move the door between them, and indomitable spirit of double open the door, integrating various open means, make full use of the space of all parts. Double doors have space for hanging clothes. Moving the door in different locations gives the entire cabinet a different feel.

COSTAN 君仕文件柜
矮柜 富有層次的紋理變化 輪廓分明

線條上追求現代主義的極簡線條,嚴謹大方、干凈利落,輪廓分明。通過門板橫豎紋理的變化,讓整個產品更加時尚。可在會議洽談空間和接待空間配合使用。 The pursuit of modernism on the line of minimalist lines, rigorous and generous, clean and crisp, the contours clear. Through the changes in the horizontal and vertical texture of the door panel, the whole product is more fashionable. It can be used in meeting and negotiation space and reception space.

COSTAN 君仕文件柜
靈活搭配 提升空間美感

錦瑟矮柜可靈活搭配多款班臺、會議桌等產品,增加空間的功能性和美感。COSTAN low cabinet can be flexibly matched with a number of class tables, conference tables and other products to increase the functionality and beauty of the space.

COSTAN 君仕文件柜

優選E1級板材-選用進口三聚氰胺紙和超纖仿真皮,不僅安全環保,提升產品質感; 德國精工制造-產品中的滑軌、上翻門配件、下翻門配件、移門配件以及鉸鏈均來自德國海福樂; 先進工藝技術-“陽極氧化”:系列產品中所選用的鋁合金裝飾條均采用陽極氧化,使產品富有金屬質感,長時間保持光澤度和色澤飽滿度;“靜電粉末噴涂”支撐腳采用靜電粉末噴涂工藝,在附著力、耐腐蝕、耐老化等方面具有出色的表現,不變色、不褪色、長久光滑如新。E1 grade plate material is preferred - imported melamine paper and super fiber imitation leather are adopted to enhance the quality of products. German seiko manufacture - the sliding track, the upper door turning parts, the lower door turning parts, the door moving parts and the hinge are all from hef, Germany. Advanced technology - "anodic oxidation" : chooses aluminum alloy decoration of series of products adopt anodic oxidation, make products, metal texture, long time maintain plumpness of gloss and colour and lustre; The "electrostatic powder spraying" support foot adopts electrostatic powder spraying technology, and has excellent performance in adhesion, corrosion resistance, aging resistance and other aspects.

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